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Sri Lanka’s Weligama is a wonderful destination for tourists. For its sand beaches, this region is well-known. Furthermore, surfers are huge fans of this region. Tourism and fishing are the two main economic sectors in the Weligama. Numerous Buddhist temples and well-known landmarks like “Kushta Raja gala” can be found in Weligama. Weligama is renowned for its “beeralu lace-making” and for its stilt fishermen, who catch small fish while perched atop a single pole in chest-deep water.

Experience the Life Surfing

Weligama is a surfer's paradise, offering a variety of surf breaks appropriate for surfers of all skill levels. Weligama ensures that surfers of all skill levels will have an exciting and unforgettable surfing experience.


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In order to make our visitors feel at home, they are always welcome to cook their own meals at our house or ask for our customer service assistance at any time.

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To give our guests the feeling that everything is on one roof, we offer a laundry service in-house.

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Awesome Hotel
This is our first trip to Sri Lanka, and the staff here is courteous and professional. The facilities are excellent, and everything is quite clean. The manager, Mr. Shantha, is always available to answer questions and ensure you have the best possible experience. We will undoubtedly return to this wonderful Capsule hotel.
Emily Hunt
The Best Most Unexpected stay in Weligama
I've never experienced a stay that has been that comfy and tranquil. It was fantastic both times I stayed there—I did it twice! Mattresses are so cozy you could doze off for hours! Ideal conditions—perfect for a lone getaway—with a very calm atmosphere.
Julie Robinson
Great Staff
My family and I just spent two days in this hotel. It's a peaceful location. The hotel is excellent, as are the services. We were made to feel very welcome by the management team's friendliness.
Morgan Jonathan
The cheapest nicest hotel we love
Excellent vantage spots and accommodations Additionally, the hotel has excellent capsule, a helpful staff, and first-rate amenities at Weligama, Srilanka. the hotel is at a fantastic location. Our satisfaction with your service is outstanding. Value for the money.
James Brook

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