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We do not give you just a capsule to stay. We give you an environment where you can experience the best while on holiday with us. Walk into our hotel and enjoy a refreshing, rejuvenating day off with us.


We have everything you could possibly want under one roof if you're seeking a completely unwinding, energizing, and renewing experience.



You may make your trip perfect by experiencing our cutting-edge BYOB Bar area and benefiting from our top-notch customer service.

Kitchen Area

In order to make our visitors feel at home, they are always welcome to cook their own meals at our house or ask for our customer service assistance at any time.

In-house Laundry Service

To give our guests the feeling that everything is on one roof, we offer a laundry service in-house.

Living Area

All of our furniture is made of teak, and we have a really wonderful living room space that helps visitors feel at home.


Free WiFi

Our hotel area has a high-speed WIFI connection point that is available to guests at no cost.


24-hour Room Service

We provide our customers with 24-hour room service, and we are always ready to give them outstanding customer service.


Top Things To Do In Weligama To Ensure A Worthwhile Experience

Looking for more? Well, we believe that every guest walks into our hotel for the best experience. And, we are determined to do that.

Weligama Bay Dive Center

Weligama Bay Dive Center will help you discover the beautiful dive sites in and around Weligama Bay and Mirissa. You can start diving in small groups like with your family members or friends. It is ensured youll have a great fun especially while you are assisted by experienced and trained dive guides here. Being one of the most popular Scuba Diving centers at a distance of mere 5 kilometers from Mirissa, it is a place where you can enjoy and relax for your complete rejuvenation. Friendly and trained staffs at the Weligama Bay Dive Center make your diving holiday a memorable experience.

Weligama Beach

Plan your trip to one of Weligama's most popular beaches in Sri Lanka. You can have a hassle-free and secure swimming and snorkeling session on the Weligama beach with the help of any English-speaking guide. To get to the Jungle Beach, make sure you put on suitable shoes and hike through the verdant woodlands. You are sure to have a wonderful time because it is the ideal location for swimming and snorkeling in blue water. You can spend your priceless time with family or friends on the beach. Typically, tourists spend two hours snorkeling before lunch. You are given the delectable and fresh local fish for lunch. Enjoy it and have as much fun as you want while on your tour.

Kushta Raja Gala

One of Weligama's most well-known tourist attractions is the Kushtarajagala monument in Sri Lanka. This statue is just 12 kilometers from Matara town, where it is located on the old main route. This statue is thought to date from the 7-9th centuries. This larger-than-life monument was carved out of solid rock and is among the first examples of Mahayana Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The name Kushtarajagala was given after a monarch by the name of Kushta Raja. When he first arrived in Weligama Bay, he was given a diagnosis of a serious skin condition and received treatment from a local physician.


Good Spa

Visit Good Spa in Weligama, Sri Lanka, if you’re looking for the ideal Ayurvedic treatment. After a strenuous day of city exploration, visiting this spa is unquestionably the finest choice.

Under the direction of skilled and knowledgeable Ayurveda professionals, Good Spa provides you with the best health and beauty treatments in a picturesque and cutting-edge environment.


Kosala Widhanage Yoga

One well-known yoga studio in Sri Lanka is Kosala Widhanage Yoga. This facility, which is in Weligama, is regarded as the best location for the most wonderful and successful yoga courses. It has trained and experienced instructors who can help you master this skill quickly and safely.

Whale Watching Loop With Sunset

People from all over the world continue to go to Sri Lanka and make it a point to stop in Weligama to witness the Blue Whale, the largest mammal in the world. In addition, you can view a variety of different whale and dolphin species during sunsets in their native habitats.
Even while you can observe these uncommon aquatic species all year long, experts say that the months of October through April are the best. On the other hand, tourists also take pleasure in a swim in the warm seas of this tropical area. With their families and friends, they can arrange to go stand-up paddle-boarding at dusk.


Sanctuary Spa

In the serene and beautiful setting surrounded by tropical flora, The Sanctuary Spa’s team of professionals can provide you a variety of restorative treatments for numerous conditions. It features a large number of skilled and knowledgeable masseurs who utilize natural herbal oils to relieve aches and pains while calming your mind.

Their prices are affordable for everyone. Therefore, this can be regarded as one of the top things to do in Weligama, Sri Lanka. Because it is constantly crowded with visitors, you must make an appointment far in advance to escape the last-minute rush.


Handunugoda Tea Estate

The Handunugoda Tea Estate is another of Sri Lanka’s most visited tourist destinations. 200 acres (809,371 m2) in total, of which 75 acres (303,514 m2) are utilized to grow tea, the rest space is used to grow coconut, rubber, and cinnamon.

This tea garden features a fully functional tea factory on site. It has the most modern equipment that was imported from the UK. Many of the machines, some of which are said to be more than 140 years old, continue to run nonstop.


Buddhas Birthday

Being primarily a Buddhist country, Sri Lanka annually celebrates the Buddha’s Birthday with fanfare. The historic and revered Buddhist temples are spread out across Weligama and adjacent locations, and people from all over the world come here to give the special prayers for the Vesak Day.

This well-known holiday commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Gautam Buddha, the man who founded the faith of Buddhism. Young and old alike dress in white for the occasion and enter the temples to hear the sermons. In order to kick off the event and reinstate their belief in Buddhism, they ignite clay lamps.

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